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Madhuri Dixit Hot Photos Biography Wallpapers

Madhuri Dixit Hot Biography
# Madhuri Dixit was in great controversy due to her relationship with sanjay Dutt it caused a storm, when Sanjay’s wife issued a press statement proclaiming her desire to have Sanjay back.

# The Choli ke peeche song in Khalnayak also turned to be a headache for her. A women liberation groups asked for a ban on Madhuri.

# The hot actress is trained as a Kathak dancer.

# She wanted to be a Micro-biologist, and did study in that course in Bombay’s Parle College.

# She made her bollywood debut with Abodh in 1984, it was a flop.

# She was awarded the “National Citizens Award” in 2001.

# The actress was a playback singer in ‘Devdas’ and ‘Wajood’.

# Her favourite Indian hero is “Balraj Sahani”.

# Her favourite Indian heroine is “Nargis”.

# Her favourite all time Movie is “Roman Holiday”.

# MF Hussain’s ‘Gajagamini’ is an art film that has Madhuri playing a range of characters.

# The actress dominated Hindi cinema industry during 1980s and 1990s.

# There was a movie made in her name, i.e “Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon!” [2006]

Madhuri Dixit quotes

# “My family gives me enough security and warmth. I don’t have to look for it outside! After achieving so much success and fame I’m apprehensive about people’s motives. I want to be sure that people want to be friends with me and not my fame!”

# “I have never bothered to find out who the other heroine is in my film at any stage of my career. Competition doesn’t matter because I give my best to all my shots anyway. “

# ” I hope I’m not sounding presumptuous or vain. but I think like Sridevi, I was another heroine who could break the barriers between the classes and the masses”

# “When Hussainji narrated the script to me, I couldn’t understand it. And I told him so. So, he worked out a storyboard and then I could visualise the whole film. You know the film is like a painting on celluloid.” [About Gajgamini]

# “No I won’t. Our lives come a full circle. For someone else to be No.1, someone has to give up the position. Didn’t Hemaji bow out to give place to Sridevi? When I joined films I was clear I wanted to make a name, which I have done.”

# ” I feel I am capable of much more. I guess every artiste feels that way. If you are satisfied, you begin to stagnate.”
Madhuri Dixit Hot Photos
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Madhuri Dixit Hot Photos
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Madhuri Dixit Hot Photos
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Madhuri Dixit Hot Photos
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Madhuri Dixit Hot Photos
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Madhuri Dixit Hot Photos
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Madhuri Dixit Hot Photos
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Madhuri Dixit Hot Photos
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Madhuri Dixit Hot Photos
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Madhuri Dixit Hot Photos
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Madhuri Dixit Hot Photos
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Madhuri Dixit Hot Photos
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Madhuri Dixit Hot Photos
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Madhuri Dixit Hot Photos
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Madhuri Dixit Hot Photos

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