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Katrina Kaif Hot Photos Biography Wallpapers

Katrina Kaif Hot Biography
# Initially critics were very harsh on Katrina for her poor Hindi. Despite of that she was flooded with offers.

# Katrina Kaif’s famous commercials include LG, Cola, Fevicol, Lakme, & Veet.

# The hot actress took Hindi and dancing lessons to retain her demand in Bollywood.

# She learnt Kathak dance, by working 7 hours a day non-stop.

# Initially other artists dubbed for her movies because of her poor Hindi.

# After dubbing for “Namastey London” and “Apne” she insistsher own dubbing for her movies.

# Her favorite Indian designers are Rina Dhaka, Tarun Tahiliani, Rocky S.

# Her favorite international designers are Armani, Versace, Miu Miu.

# The hot actress‘ hobbies include dancing, watching movies, painting, resting, cooking, going to spas, going to the gym, meeting new people, and getting together with friends.

# After the success of “Namastey London” Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif are considered to be one among hit jodis. They are compared to Raj Kapoor-Nargis, Guru Dutt-Waheeda Rehman, Dharmendra-Hema Malini, Aamir Khan-Juhi Chawla and Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol. Their chemistry on screen is undeniable.

# Katrina kaif is half Indian and half British. Her father is NRI and her mother is a English.

# Her father is from Kashmir, India, later he has acquired British citizenship.

# The actress is one of the eight siblings.

# Katrina kaif started modelling at the age of 14. Her first commercial as a model was for a jewelry campaign.

# She grew up in Hawaii, later moved to London and now settled in Mumbai.

# She admits that she is very emotional.

# This actress wears comfortable non-revealing clothes at home.

# She dislikes make-up..!!

# Salman Khan is her closest friend, right now. [2007]

# Katrina kaif doesn’t want her privacy to be invaded by the media.

Katrina Kaif quotes

# “When you are in love, the person you are involved with should mean everything to you…”

# “It’s not my style to either wear minimum clothes, to strip or to even be comfortable with a sex-symbol label. I just want to do good work instead of sporting such meaningless tags. Sex sells, but to a small extent, not always”

# “I am Moody… and a Cancerian to the boot. Even a small thing can change the entire mood, but I’m working on that. Besides, I’m also loyal and possessive”

# “I hate wearing make-up. When I leave my hair loose, I don’t wear any make-up. I feel a lot more comfortable that way. I wish we didn’t have to wear make-up.”

# “I enjoy modelling. Don’t forget that I was a model before I joined movies, I began my career as a model, and this will always be my first love. “

# “I want to do better than what I have already done. In fact, people have noticed the change as well. And, a change for good is always welcome. It is quite motivating,”

# “It’s so much fun to be on the sets with actors like Saif and Bipasha. They don’t make me feel unwelcome for even a second.”

# “When I look back at the movies where someone else dubbed for me I go, ‘No no no! That’s not me!’ But in ‘Namastey London’ and now ‘Apne’ I felt I was watching and hearing myself,”

# “I am suspicious pf people trying to create unnecessary controversies. I cannot allow other people to stand in judgment of my life. If I did, I would be a miserable person. Just because I am in the glamour industry people tend to make assumptions about how I live.”

# “I’m not involved with Salman Khan. I’m just a close friend of his sister Alvira’s, I don’t have a love interest in my life, I’m just so busy, travelling every single day with my work. I’m content to hang out with my friends.”

# “Salman Khan is a senior actor and I have learnt a lot from him during the making of the film. He is very focussed and dedicated.”

# “Although I haven’t met Madhuri Dixit in person, I find her very beautiful on screen. I also find Manisha Koirala beautiful.”

# “Some reviewer in Mumbai commented that I pronounced words wrongly. Hello! This is probably some guy who has spent his life in Mumbai. I lived in London and know how to speak like young Indians out there. I’ve a good mind to dash off a letter to him.”

# “I can read and speak Hindi quite well now and that’s quite an achievement considering I didn’t know the language at all when I came down here”

# “I have no complaints. I think I’m especially lucky. As you said, I’ve come from outside and I’m not even anywhere closely connected. But I have absolutely no problem here. People have been more than welcoming, even before I was ready.”

# “I’ve been very blessed, I think, or what do you call it… mmm… lucky to get at this stage what I have. It’s not like I’ve come from acting school and done work at an academy or something. I feel I’ve been given a very huge chance and opportunity.”
Katrina Kaif Hot Photos
Katrina Kaif Hot Photos
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Katrina Kaif Hot Photos
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Katrina Kaif Hot Photos
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Katrina Kaif Hot Photos
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Katrina Kaif Hot Photos

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