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Kareena Kapoor Hot Photos Biography Wallpapers

Kareena Kapoor Hot Biography
# Karina Kapoor went to Harvard to pursue a course in microcomputers and information technology but left the course to join a drama school.

# Karina practiced YOGA especialy ‘Pranayama’ to prepare herself for Yash Chopra’s film ‘Tashan’ which was shot Ladakh, situated at high altitudes.

# She actively participated in raising money for the victims of Tsunami.

# The hot actress played negative role in Fida for the first time in her career.

# Karina Kapoor took admission in Government Law College at Churchgate to become a lawyer but left it in the middle to enter cinema industry.

# The hot actress is dating actor Shahid Kapoor. [2006]

# Now she is dating Sai Ali Khan . [2008]

# Karina was in the news when MMS showing her kissing Shahid Kapoor was largely circulated. [2005]

# The sexy actress went on her first world tour in 2002 with Hrithik Roshan, Karisma Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, and Aftab Shivdasani.

# The actress was the only actress, whose name was listed among the highest tax payers of 2006-07.

# Karina Kapoor was ranked fourth on the list of Filmfare’s “Top Actresses” list (2003-2005).

# Karina was featured in the list of Rediff’s “Bollywood’s Most Beautiful Actresses.” [2004]

# The hot actress also featured in the list of Rediff’s “Bollywood’s Hottest Heroines”

# She also featured in the list of Rediff’s “Bollywood’s Best Dressed Women”

# The actress was crowned as the winner of PETA’s “Cutest Vegetarian Celebrities”

# She appeared on talk show Koffee with Karan with Rani Mukerji.[2005]

Karina Kapoor quotes

# “I had no affair with Hrithik. People rumored about me that I went there to marry Hrithik when I visited the Dargha of Ajmer Sharif during the shooting of ”Ashoka”.

# “Ever since I was a kid, I knew my sister was going to join the industry. I used to see her talking about films. Both of us would chat about it as well. In our family, women were not supposed to join the industry. I guess my sister broke the ice and I am following the tradition.”

# “Of today’s stars, I only admire Kajol and my sister. My sister, for her dedication and hard work. And Kajol, because I think she is a brilliant actress.”

# “Among actors, I would say Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. I think they are just too good. I have enjoyed watching all of Amitji’s films. And Shah Rukh is great.”

# “I have no interest in doing a routine film. Such films have already affected my career. So, I have been choosy in this regard.”

# “If people say I’m arrogant, so be it, Yes, I’m arrogant, but only with what God has gifted me with – my talent and demeanor, which are raw materials for filmmakers to mould as they please.”

# “As an actor he is better, at least I find him a thousand fold better… His father was the best, but he is going tobe better than the best. As a person he is wonderful, he is one of my closest friends.” [about Abhishek Bachchan]

# “I have always admired Nargisji and Meena Kumari. They are my idols. I want to and hope to be like them”

# “Life is full of happiness and tears, be strong and have faith.”

# “I was happy I had a good co-star. The director is like family to me. There was nothing on the sets that made me nervous.” [about her first day of the shoot]
Kareena Kapoor Hot Photos
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Kareena Kapoor Hot Photos
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Kareena Kapoor Hot Photos
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Kareena Kapoor Hot Photos
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Kareena Kapoor Hot Photos
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Kareena Kapoor Hot Photos
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Kareena Kapoor Hot Photos
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Kareena Kapoor Hot Photos
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Kareena Kapoor Hot Photos
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Kareena Kapoor Hot Photos
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Kareena Kapoor Hot Photos
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Kareena Kapoor Hot Photos
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Kareena Kapoor Hot Photos
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Kareena Kapoor Hot Photos
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Kareena Kapoor Hot Photos

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