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Jothika Hot Photos Biography Wallpapers

Jothika Hot Biography
# She completed her Psychology Degree from Mithibai College of Arts, Bombay.

# Jothika has acted in the Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and Malayalam film industries as the lead heroine.

# She is the daughter of a film producer, Chander Sadanah.

# Another famous actress Nandita (Nagma), is her sister.

# In a recent poll conducted by a popular magazine, Jyothika has been named in top 5 all time tamil actresses.

# The tamil actress was the Brand Ambassador for RMKV, a wardrobe hub in Chennai.

# After her marriage , she left the film industry, but she still continues to do ad films and some work for TV.

Jothika  Marriage

# Jothika had dated well-acclaimed actor Surya for over 4 years and married him on 11 September 2006 at a private ceremony in Chennai’s Hotel Park Sheraton.

# She delivered a girl baby (Diya) on August 10, 2007.

Tamil Actress Jothika quotes

# “Yes, I don’t want to get back to work. I have been working for ten years. I want to do something different like having a family.” [about her future in cinema]

# “It is for her to decide. If she is keen to continue to act, I have no hesitation”. [Surya about Jyothika's future in cinema]
Jothika Hot Photos
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Jothika Hot Photos
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Jothika Hot Photos
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Jothika Hot Photos
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Jothika Hot Photos
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Jothika Hot Photos
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Jothika Hot Photos
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Jothika Hot Photos
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Jothika Hot Photos
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Jothika Hot Photos
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Jothika Hot Photos
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Jothika Hot Photos
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Jothika Hot Photos
Jothika Hot Photos

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