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Devika Hot Biography
Devika or Prameela Devi (1943 - 25 April 2002) was a popular Tamil and Telugu actress. She is regarded as a versatile and graceful heroine of her era. She was known for her natural beauty which was the key in her casting in mythological films like Karnan, thiruvilaiyadal. Her notable films are Sumaithangi, Nenjil oru Aalayam and Marakka Mudiyuma. She is grand daughter of Raghupathi Venkaiah Naidu . Ex mayor of Madras Vasudeva Naidu was the uncle of Devika.

Premila changed her name as Devika, which proved to be lucky, and made her debut in Mudhalali With the big Tilagam adorning her forehead; Devika represented the quintessential Indian woman, caring, self effacing and sacrificing. Sivaji and Devika figured in some memorable movies like Karnan, that powerful mythological, and the hilarious Bale Pandiya and Kulamagal Radhai among the best. Her looks in fact made her the ideal choice for producers of historical and mythological films.
Devika also made an indelible mark in family drama, the genre that easily wins the hearts of the audience, both urban and rural. With producers churning out such films, some tear-jerkers and others light, and no dearth of heroines, it was due to her talent and charm that Devika got the opportunity to play memorable roles in films like Vanambadi, Vazhkai Padagu and Nenjam Marappadhillai. If the song Sonnathu needhana... in C.V.Sridhar\'s Nenjil Or Aalayam attained immortality the credit for making it visually poignant goes to Devika, who rendered it in the landmark film. She had carved a niche for herself with her grace and beauty at a time when other heroines vied for the top slot. She did total justice to whatever character she portrayed never failing to give a wholesome performance. She was a blend of grace and charm, a versatile actress Devika acted in about 150 films in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.
Shrimad Virat Veerabrahmendra Swami Charitra (1984)
Adavallu Aligithe (1983)
Naya Din Nai Raat (Hindi, 1974)
Papam Pasivaadu (1972) ... Janaki
Chinnanaati Snehithulu (1971)
Tara Sasankam (1969) ... Tara
Izzat (1968)
Niluvu Dopidi (1968)
Bhama Vijayam (1967)
Shri Krishnavataram (Telugu, 1967)
Saraswathi Sabatham (Tamil, 1966)
Shanti (1965)
Thiruvilayadal (1965)
Nenjam Marappathillai (1963)
Pempudu Kuthuru (1963)
Karna (Telugu, 1963)
Karnan (Tamil, 1963)
Raktha Sambandham (1962)
Mahamantri Timmarusu (Telugu, 1962)
Dakshayagnam (Tamil, 1962)
Gaali Medalu (1962)
Bale Pandiya (1962)
Bandha Pasam (1962)
Man-Mauji (1962)
Nenjil Ore Alayam (1962)
Taxi Ramudu (1961)
Pendli Pilupu (1961)
Gharana (1961)
Papa Pariharam (1961)
Batasari (1961)
Pavamanippu (1961)
Sabash Raja (1961)
Mangalyam (1960)
Sahasra Siracheda Apoorva Chinthamani (1960)
Shantinivasam (1960)
Sabhash Ramudu (1959)
Ghar Sansar (1958)
Varudu Kavali (1957)
Rechukka (Telugu, 1954)
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Devika Hot Photos
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Devika Hot Photos

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