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Charmy Hot Biography
# Charmy is from a very orthodox family.

# This hot telugu actress entered the cinema industry at the age of 13 with Nee Thodu Kaavali but the film was a big flop.

# Her real name is Charmy kaur.

# Her nick name is Charmi .

# Charmy considers her positive thinking, attitude to be her great strength.

# She likes chocolates very much.

# The telugu actress likes reading Shiv Khera’s books whenever she feels bored.

# Her debut in Telugu in a lead role was with Neeke Mansichchanu.

# She acted in Telugu , Tamil , Malayalam , and Kannada films .

Telugu actress Charmy quotes
# “Glamour does not mean shedding clothes. It is looking sensuous.”

# “When I was a beginner I used to be very trusting and was quite open about matters but now I observe before I say anything”

# “Generally this stuff about being No 1 is all about the money so if I am being offered good money then it automatically means that I am somewhere at the top otherwise it means I am nowhere.”

# ” One tends to think that you know a fair bit about acting after your first movie but when you work with someone like Krishna Vamsi you realise acting is a life long learning experience. The shades within a given situation are so vast and varied that just thinking about the different aspects of an emotion makes your head spin”

# “I cried myself to sleep every night for a long time. I just could not take it. My heart felt like a lump of steel in my chest. You need a good support system to come out of that” [about her initial flops]

# “Over time I realised that I cannot be held entirely responsible. True I have to take a major share in the blame but then there are so many people involved in the making of a film. There is the script writer, the art director, the costumer and of course the Director himself. No actor or actress can be so arrogant and full of themselves to think that a film is carried entirely on his or her shoulders. Now I try and analyse the probable cause of failure. In hindsight you can see why it flopped” [about sharing responsibility in flop movies]

# “I am a fitness girl. I am not a fitness freak but I like to look fit and the only way you can look fit is by exercising so I do a lot of workouts in the gym. I also read. I always carry a good book on the sets so time flies. I can cook too. I do pretty good non vegetarian stuff”
Charmy Hot Photos
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Charmy Hot Photos
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Charmy Hot Photos
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Charmy Hot Photos
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Charmy Hot Photos
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Charmy Hot Photos
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Charmy Hot Photos
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Charmy Hot Photos
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Charmy Hot Photos
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Charmy Hot Photos
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Charmy Hot Photos
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Charmy Hot Photos
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Charmy Hot Photos
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Charmy Hot Photos
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Charmy Hot Photos

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