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Bipasha Basu Hot Biography
 Bipasha Basu performed a dance with sex workers in an effort to raise AIDS awareness. [2006]
 Bipasha claims that she was harassed,physically and mentally by the organizers of India Day Parade in Edison, New Jersey. But the organizers said that they will sue Bipasha for breach of contract for not participating in the event and falsely alleging harassment. [2006]

 Bipasha means ‘Dark Deep Desire’, and it is also the name of a river.

 Dino Morea was Bipasa’s long term boy friend, until she found John Abraham.

 Abraham and Bipasa Basu are now rumoured to be engaged.

 Though Bipasa Basu is a Hindu and Abraham a Christian, both families have accepted the couple.

 The hot actress came into the limelight when she won the Ford’s Supermodel of the World Contest of 1996, when she was just 17 years old.

# The hot actress came into modelling and acting “quite by accident.”

# Initially she planned to do chartered accountancy or medicine.

 During her college days Bipasa fainted, when attempting to dissect rats then only she dropped the idea of doing medicine.

After acquiring a degree in Commerce Bipasa planned to be a Chartered Accountant but ended up being the Ford Supermodel of the World when she was just 17 years old.

Bipasha Basu quotes

 “I was never meant to be beautiful. I was a short, dark and round girl. Nobody thought I was pretty at all. Cruel jokes have been made about it. I think most people were surprised by the way I looked.”

# “Sexy in India, is not considered positive. But, with today’s crop of fresh faces, in the modelling arena, being sexy is an asset, so let’s hope for the best. ”

 “I feel as if I am a good human being. The kind of work that the sex workers and the NGO’s are doing is commendable, I salute them.” [about working for social awareness against AIDS]

 “If a girl wears a shirt and a skirt, does she become more sensuous? I think a girl in a sari is more sensuous than a girl in a skirt. In my opinion, a wet sari is the most sensuous.”

# “Every other girl is taking off her clothes just for the heck of it and I don’t want to be in that category. I can never be cheap or vulgar.”

# “I already have a dream man (John) but if I had to make a choice, I wouldn’t mind someone like Brad Pitt! I would like him to have qualities like my father, very chilled-out, because I’m over sensitive and hyper and I want someone who is very calm with a great sense of humor. Someone who has energy like me, who can work the whole day and party right through the night and have a blast without a bother, someone who is very secure and confident of his woman.”

 “I have always believed that if you need to take your clothes off to get your man, you’ve begun to lose the battle. If you pull it off right, you can do it in a very classy way.”

 “I actually wanted to be a doctor. But doing all those horrid rat dissections made me faint. I studied science till the 12th standard and later took up commerce. I was planning to do chartered accountancy, but fate had something else in store for me.”

# “I am the boss in my life. I decide when to charge more and when not to. I live in my own zone. I don’t hurt anyone and I am very transparent. I don’t keep people hanging in life.”

# “Somebody cheated me when I was a young model. I had a bad experience, and was running from court to court. So I understand what a contract is. I sit with my lawyer and chartered accountant before signing a contract. I learned very early in life how one gets cheated. So I am very careful now when it comes to money issues.”

 “An unforgettable experience happened on December 15, 1996 when I won the Supermodel contest while still in school. I was just seventeen years old then. Winning that competition was the turning point of my life. That’s how I got into modeling and later started acting.”

“For me chilling out is when I can stay at home, order food from outside and watch a film with my friends. Listening to music and watching films are my idea of perfect relaxation.”

 “Yeah, I did a lot of ads, but my heart was not in it. I started missing my family because it was the first time I was away from them. So I happily gave it all up and came down to India”

 “I have visited Paris only once. I wasn’t romantically attached at the time. But the love I received in Paris is something I will never forget. It’s a place every woman should visit, while she’s young.”

 “I am coming from a profession that deserves respect. I also deserve respect,”

 ‘Once you enter films, your private life becomes a joke’
Bipasha Basu Hot Photos
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Bipasha Basu Hot Photos
Bipasha Basu Hot Photos
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Bipasha Basu Hot Photos
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Bipasha Basu Hot Photos
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Bipasha Basu Hot Photos
 Bipasha Basu Hot Photos

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